ANDE will be collecting snapshot data soon!

In partnership with the IKEA Foundation, ANDE will be conducting two studies of the green entrepreneurial ecosystem in India and Kenya in 2022. We will be collecting data from organizations that support green entrepreneurs directly and/or indirectly in either country to better understand the green entrepreneurship landscape. For the purpose of this study, ANDE uses the International Labour Organization’s definition of green entrepreneurs:

“Green entrepreneurship can be defined from two perspectives related to the output (products and services) as well as the process (or production) of an economic activity. Entrepreneurs can enter into an overtly ‘green’ business sector, providing green and environmentally friendly products and services (e.g. waste management). Alternately, green entrepreneurs can provide their products or services through an environmentally friendly process or with the help of clean technologies (e.g. eco-tourism). Usually, green entrepreneurs consider both aspects in their business models, creating additional decent employment through the use of more environmentally friendly processes, while reducing the overall environmental impact as a result of people or companies using the final product or service.”

If your organization is a good fit for this study, please let us know here so that we can reach out to you when the project kicks off later this year. If you would like more information about this project or ecosystem research more broadly, please reach out to

P.S. This is not ANDE’s first “green” snapshot! Check out ANDE’s 2021 Climate and Environmental Entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia.