• Foundation

APC: To accelerate private action for the public good by addressing systemic challenges through collaborative philanthropy. APC Climate Collective: To find and collaborate on meaningful entry points to address the causes and impacts of climate change in Southeast Asia.

  • Stages of Support

    • Idea
    • Start-up
    • Early
    • Growth
    • Mature

Organization Programs

Regional Programs: APC Climate Collective

  • Investment Instruments

    • Grant
  • Sectors of Focus

    • Green and Renewable Energy
    • Water and Sanitation
    • Circular Economy and Waste Reduction
    • Ecotourism and Conservation
    • Sustainable Forestry and Reforestation
    • Disaster Risk Reduction and Mitigation
  • Services

    • Conduct research on the sector to disseminate publicly (such as an entrepreneurship research report)
    • Offer fellowships specific to the sector
    • Invest or provide direct financial support to SGBs or entrepreneurs
  • Program online

    • Hybrid
  • Focus Tech

    • No