South African Township Economy Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Snapshot Survey

Definitions and Eligibility Criteria

 Please ensure that the person filling out the survey is familiar with all the relevant programme information. Please complete the survey based on your organisation's current work, even if your work has been stalled or changed due to COVID-19 since early 2020. Note that the survey answer format does not differentiate between different programmes, so if your organisation runs more than one programme exclusively designed to target and support township-based entrepreneurs, then please answer these questions collectively for all such work.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Criteria 1: Organisations that deliver both financial and non-financial support with one or more programmes exclusively designed to target and support township-based entrepreneurs in the Eastern Cape, Gauteng, and Western Cape Provinces of South Africa only. (Note that the organisation providing the support do not need to be based in a township to qualify).
  • Criteria 2: Organisations where this support may be the only work of the organisation or is run in addition to other support that is delivered.


  • Township: old, new, formal and informal human settlements that are characterised by high levels of poverty, unemployment and low incomes and distanced outside of the main centres of economic activity. For the purposes of this survey this definition also includes peri-urban and rural areas. (Gauteng Province: Economic Development, “Gauteng Township Economy Revitalisation Strategy, 2014-2019”)
  • Township-based entrepreneur: a person that is based in a township area, as opposed to being based in main commercial centres of economic activity and is involved in economic activity that is meeting the needs of township customer communities.

Thank you for your contribution to this important research effort. For any questions, please contact Nonceba Qabazi, Programme Associate for ANDE’s South Africa Chapter at

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